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Our Services

Specializing in accounting services for both small businesses and individuals,
providing the taxation expertise and knowledge you expect and deserve.

Tax Preparation

The tax code is thousands of pages long and is ever-changing. As a CPA firm, we are required to keep up with all new tax laws and legislation and that is why we invest heavily in continuing education, tax software, research programs, and newsletters. We apply the vast knowledge we accumulate to carefully analyze your unique tax situation and identify all tax credits and deductions available to you in order to minimize your tax liability. We make sure our clients understand all items on their tax return before it is submitted to the taxing agencies. We encourage our clients to communicate with us throughout the year so we can identify opportunities to save on taxes, take advantage of the tax law, and avoid any surprises when completing your tax return. All tax returns are reviewed by CPA prior to being finalized. We are familiar with the tax laws of all states and are able to handle tax preparation for wherever you may be located.

Tax preparation for businesses and individuals

All returns are filed electronically. We prepare the following tax returns:

  • Individual Form 1040 (with all applicable schedules and attachments)
  • All states including non-resident and part-year resident(with all applicable schedules and attachments)
  • Partnerships/LLC Form 1065
  • C-Corporations Form 1120
  • S-Corporations Form 1120S
  • Fiduciary Form 1041
  • Estate Form 706

Tax & Financial Planning

We work closely with professionals from all service areas to cater to your financial planning needs. We work with elder care lawyers for estate planning, benefit representatives for healthcare and retirement planning, portfolio managers for investment planning, mortgage lenders for home purchases, tax attorneys for operating agreements, and many more. Often times, changes in the regular course of life will impact your tax and financial situation. It is important to speak with a CPA to understand the tax benefits and detriments these changes will have, which is why we make sure our clients are fully aware of how a particular event impacts their tax and financial situation and how we can work to optimize your situation.

Tax and Financial Planning

Some of the questions we regularly analyze with our clients include:

  • How much will I pay in taxes for selling a home? What are the tax benefits of owning a home? What tax credits are available to me for using renewable energy?
  • How does getting married and filing a joint tax return impact our taxes?
  • How does having a child impact my taxes? Am I entitled to advanced child care tax credits? What are the benefits of a 529 plan and how much should I contribute?
  • What are the capital gains tax rules for selling stocks? Bonds? Mutual funds and ETFs? Cryptocurrencies? NFTs? Artwork?
  • How will an inheritance impact my taxes?
  • What are my options for planning for retirement? What are the tax benefits?
  • What type of trust is right for me?
  • How will my tax rate change if I move to a new state?
Tax and Financial Planning

The answers to these questions can be wildly different depending on your specific situation, which is why having a CPA consult on these matters is incredibly important.

Business Services

In recent years there have been a multitude of tax law changes that impact self-employed individuals and small business owners including the introduction of PPP loans, employee retention credits, SBA and EIDL loans, New York’s Pass-through Entity Tax (PTET) program, changes to certain business deductions, various state and local credits, and many other ongoing changes. We make sure to keep our clients up to date on any new tax laws that may impact their business and strategize on how to make the tax law work to their benefit. You will find we work very closely with self-employed individuals and business owners throughout the year to discuss your overall business, to make sure your books and records are accurate, to prepare any necessary financial statements, and to have tax planning and tax savings conversations.

Of course, we are here to answer any specific questions you may have at any time and are very responsive to telephone calls and emails. We are certified Pro Advisors for Quickbooks, one of the most popular bookkeeping systems on the market and we are familiar with other bookkeeping systems as well. We often engage with our clients to periodically review their books and records to catch mistakes early, identify any opportunities, and to prepare for year end to minimize any current and future tax liabilities.

Accountant reviewing client reports.

Some of our business services include:

  • Financial statement preparation and independent compilations
  • Payroll filings
  • Sales tax filings
  • Tax planning and tax savings strategies

New Business Set-Up

Starting a business is an exciting and busy time. Many times, newly self-employed individuals and business owners are not fully aware of the various entity structures available to them. You should consider consulting with a CPA before filing any registrations to make sure you apply for an entity structure that will be most beneficial to you. We take the time to learn about your business and make a recommendation best suited for you. We are able to handle all of the federal and state paperwork required for new businesses in order to be in full compliance with all applicable laws in a timely manner.

As you begin your new business, you will find it incredibly useful to have us to discuss the great benefits that come along with working for yourself. We make sure you fully understand the various business expense write-offs you are entitled to, the retirement plan options available to you, and all of the many ways to plan for, and save on, taxes. We typically recommend new businesses to subscribe to a bookkeeping system, rather than relying on bank statements, excel sheets, and shoeboxes of receipts. A bookkeeping system is time saving so that you can focus more on your business. It also allows you to generate reports quickly to track your business, bills, and receivables, among other things. We can handle bookkeeping for you or guide you along the way as you begin the process.

Helping a client to set up a new business

Some of our services related to a new business set-up include:

  • Business entity selection and formation
  • Registration applications including Subchapter S elections, employer ID numbers, Department of Labor, and NYS Sales Tax
  • Installation and training of computerized bookkeeping systems
  • Consultations on various Department of Labor and IRS compliance issues

Professional Representation

Fortunately, personal and business audits are not a common occurrence. Although that might change due to new legislation providing the IRS with more funding and more agents. We will respond to any examinations received by our clients and work together to gather the necessary information in the quickest and least painful way possible. We promptly respond to any notices received from federal or state taxing authorities and work to correct issues and get penalties abated.

Professional Representation

Our professional representation services include:

  • Personal and business IRS and NYS/NYC examinations
  • Sales tax audits
  • Insurance audits
  • Past tax issues including assessments and liens
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