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We apply our vast experience and knowledge of all new tax laws to each specific tax return to generate a product that is both accurate and tax-efficient. All tax returns are reviewed by a certified public accountant prior to being finalized. We take the time to make sure our clients understand all items on their tax return before it is submitted to the taxing agencies. All tax returns are filed electronically.

Tax preparation for businesses and individuals

All returns are filed electronically. We prepare the following tax returns:

  • Individual Form 1040 (with all applicable schedules and attachments)
  • All states including non-resident and part-year resident (with all applicable schedules and attachments)
  • Partnerships/LLC Form 1065
  • C-Corporations Form 1120
  • S-Corporations Form 1120S
  • Fiduciary Form 1041
  • Estate Form 706
  • Not-for-Profit Form 990
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